Problems we solve:

Time management

Being a landlord can be very stressful and time consuming.  Answering late night calls; scheduling appointments; apartment showings; accounting; paying bills, vetting contractors/vendors and etc. is a full time job. Sleep through the night and leave the day-to-day tasks to HPMG.

Maintenance issues

Buildings and individual houses require ongoing maintenance. Anything can pop up at any time, and repairs have to be attended to immediately to avoid inconveniences to tenants. The best solution is leveraging HPMG’s technology for managing maintenance requests and implementing a preventive maintenance program. In addition, we have a team of licensed vendors and professional staff we evaluate and assign to complete maintenance requests.

Resident complaints/requests

Requests from tenants are overwhelming. These complaints range from small issues with other tenants, to major maintenance concerns. However, most complaints are related to repairs or correcting items on the property. Every request needs to be investigated and cannot be ignored, especially ones that show potential problems in the structural aspects of the building. Tenants should also feel that their requests are heard, and appropriate action is taken. We listen and respond to tenant requests & concerns. Our platform allows tenants to email requests and owners to track the status online.

Rent collection

Not receiving rent on time is a major issue faced by all property owners. Most residents have a variety of excuses at hand for not making payments. Missed payments, & late payments are cause for concern and can eat away at the profits. Solutions to this problem requires a multi-pronged approach. First, we have an online rent collecting system that alert tenants when their payments are due and/or late. Next, the late fee is levied automatically and a notice is generated and emailed to the tenant. Our system automatically levies late fees when rent is not received by the 5th of the month.

Finally, we call the tenant and have a conversation, in order to build and maintain the personal connection with our residents. Usually, the rent is paid and we consider waiving the late fees. During the pandemic these communications were often and payment plans were established. Our flexibility and personal connection with residents insures profitability and well maintained properties. Furthermore, communication is consistent, frequent and clear.


Profitability is affected by several factors including the overall management of the property. One of the reasons properties are unprofitable is due to vacancy. This issue can be corrected with cosmetic updates to the unit, renovation and/or an effective marketing strategy designed to attract qualified residents to the property. Proper advertising and property reputation makes a major difference in getting the right tenants. HPMG has a property investor mindset. We understand the importance of increasing cash-on-cash return & ROI by adding value. We manage your investment as if it is ours.

Most landlords aren’t facility management professionals or property managers, they want passive income without the hassles.  HPMG allows landlords to take control of their time while we manage your property for you.  We reduce the headaches, back aches and increase your personal time & revenue. 

HPMG Advantages

HPM provides the most comprehensive, secure and efficient property management services via leveraging online products, cloud data management and vendor relationships.  We provide an App & website that enables:

  • Customers to view accounting & financial reports online 24/7
  • eMaintenance request tracking 
  • Online rent payments to owners (owner’s draw)
  • Provide owner portal via website/app
  • Document storage (i.e. lease, agreements, insurance policy, receipts & etc)
  • Property inspection
  • Rental listings via MLS, hundreds of websites & social media
  • Coordination of showings
  • eLease
  • Efficient vendor management
  • Electronic rent collection system
  • And more…